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IMPORTANT Health Dept. Info re: Bats, Mosquitoes, Dog Waste

IMPORTANT Health Dept. Info re: Bats, Mosquitoes, Dog Waste

Very recently, a resident in the Stonybrook section of town found a bat in one of the bedrooms of their home and called the Animal Control Officer. The ACO responded and caught the bat but determined the bat appeared to be unhealthy and had it tested. The bat tested positive for rabies and the current protocol dictates that the people who were sleeping in that room need to be inoculated even if they were not bitten. This is not an uncommon occurrence as bats are the number one carrier of rabies throughout the country. There are some precautions all homeowners need to take if you ever find a bat in your home. First, if you find a bat in your home and you know that it entered very recently, you can just open the doors and/or windows and the bat will usually fly out. However, if you find a bat and have reason to believe it was in your home for a while or was in a room while people were sleeping in the same room, close the door to that room to keep the bat quarantined and call the Animal Control Officer. He will come out and trap the bat and have it tested as a safety precaution. Do not try to capture the bat yourself as this can be dangerous. If you want to have your home checked for any possible openings where a bat could have entered, you need to contact a pest control professional. Our Animal Control Officer will capture the bat but he is not a pest control professional. You can reach the ACO at 609-619-4191.


Mosquito season is in full swing. Remember to get rid of all standing water on your property as mosquitoes can breed in a tiny amount of water. Old tires, flower pots, watering cans, children’s toys, any yard debris that collects water, pans at the base of downspouts, anything at all that collects even a tiny puddle of water provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Get rid of it! Keep your grass trimmed and get rid of weeds. If we are all diligent in keeping our properties free of any place where mosquitoes can breed will make life better for all of us and also our pets!


Just a reminder that it is illegal to allow your dog to defecate on public or private property that is not your own. It is also a violation of our stormwater ordinance. Also, we have had problems with rats in a few areas and it was discovered that dog feces that was allowed to accumulate in back yards was the reason. Rats are attracted to dog feces so please keep your own yard free and clear of animal feces.


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