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PSE&G will be inspecting your gas meters throughout March

PSE&G will be inspecting your gas meters throughout March

PSE&G will be going door-to-door to inspect gas meters and will be doing the entire town.  Below is information from PSE&G regarding this program.  It should take about a month and will start on Monday, March 6, 2017.


Beginning this month, PSE&G will be inspecting natural gas meters throughout its gas service territory to ensure the continued safety and reliability of gas services.  It is important for us to conduct safety inspections like these so that we can check for surface corrosion, leaks and other conditions that might require attention or repair.  Approximately 400,000 outside and inside meters will be inspected across PSE&G’s service territory through year-end.


•             If a gas meter is located inside a home or business, a technician will ask to gain access to do a visual inspection.

•             Gas meters must be accessible for visual inspection when a technician arrives.  The scope of the inspection is from the location where the piping enters the building to the outlet of the gas meter.

•             Someone over the age of 18 must be home for PSE&G to do the inspection.

•             For safety reasons, technicians may ask customers to secure dogs or other pets while he or she performs the inspection.


Press releases will be issued in towns where inspections are taking place, prior to the start of inspection work.  In addition, if a technician is unable to gain access to a home for the meter inspection, he or she will leave a door hanger with information about the gas meter inspection and try to complete the inspection at a future date.   If unable to complete the inspection during the second attempt, the technician will leave information on how to schedule an inspection.


•             Natural gas meters are inspected every 3 years as part of a BPU requirement.

•             The gas meter safety inspection is free and will take about 10 minutes.

•             Unless the meter requires immediate repair, there will be no interruption to service.

•             This visit is for inspection purposes only.  Service will not be turned off during this inspection due to billing status.

•             Safety and security is important to us.  If a customer has concerns about a utility worker at their door, they can call us to verify the identity of an employee.  1-800-436-7734


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