229 Trenton Avenue, Barrington, NJ 08007
(856) 547-0706

Street Sweeping Beginning August 12th

Street Sweeping Beginning August 12th

STREET SWEEPING in Barrington will begin on Monday, August 12, 2013.  Signs will be posted.  Please avoid parking on the street and remove motor vehicles from roadway until sweeper passes to allow for a more efficient  job.

District 1 – Week of 8/12
District 2 – Week of 8/19
District 3 – Week of 8/26


DISTRICT #1                                      DISTRICT #2                     DISTRICT #3

Adams Avenue                                     Albany Avenue                     Avon Road

Ashley Court                                        Albertson Avenue                 Baptiste Avenue

Alyse Court                                          Ashland Avenue                    Bell Avenue

Barr Drive                                            Atlantic Avenue                    Chesterfield Road

Beaver Drive                                        Austin Avenue                      Clinton Road

Cedar Avenue                                       Barrington Avenue               Copley Road

Clark Drive                                           Clements Bridge Road         Copley Place N & S

Clements Bridge Road                          (WHP to Glouc. PK)            Devon Road

(Gloucester Pike to Runn. Brdr.)          Charles Avenue                    Farragut Avenue (1-Home)

Center Street                                         Dubois Avenue                     Highland Avenue

Cleveland Avenue                                 Erie Avenue                         Hobart Drive

Commerce Drive                                   Haines Avenue                    Hutchinson Avenue

Courtney Drive                                     Kingston Avenue                 Kent Avenue

Davis Road                                           Lawrence Avenue                Letitia Lane

Edwards Avenue                                  Moore Avenue                     Mercer Drive

Enders Drive                                        Newton Avenue                   Nassau Drive N & S

Gloucester Pike (all)                            Page Avenue                        Oak Avenue

Hearne Drive                                       Reading Avenue                   Oakwood Road

Lauren Lane                                        Thomas Avenue                   Peltoma Road

Lenton Avenue                                    Trenton Avenue                    Pomona Road

Little Lane                                           White Horse Pike                 Princeton Road

Lott Avenue                                         Woodland Avenue               Tavistock Blvd.

Madison Avenue                                 2nd Avenue                          Warwick Road

Richards Avenue                                 3rd  Avenue                          Wayne Road

Russell Avenue                                   4th  Avenue                          Whitman Drive

Schiena Lane                                      5th Avenue

Shreve Avenue                                    W. 1st Avenue

S. Moore Avenue                                W. 2nd Avenue

Timber Drive                                      W. 3rd  Avenue

Trinity Place                                       W. 4th Avenue

Williams Avenue E & W                    W. 5th Avenue

Willmont Avenue


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