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Summer Camp at Avon School, June 23 – Aug. 15

Summer Camp at Avon School, June 23 – Aug. 15

Camp Just Kids for 2014!

For all Barrington Elementary Students (K-6)

Registering Deadline is Thurs. May 15th!JustKidslogo

Just Kids is excited to announce that we are offering summer camp at the Avon Elementary School from June 23rd to August 15th.

Activities include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor activities and games
  • Enrichment Activities: science, music, art, math, reading, social and emotional skill development
  • Community service projects
  • Visiting Artists and resources (afternoon only)
  • Community fieldtrips (afternoon only)
  • Breakfast and an afternoon snack (brown bag lunch required)

For more information on enrollment options and fees, call 856-768-8190 or visit our website:www.archwayprograms.org!

Thank you!

Lorin Powell

Just Kids Director

856-768-8190 X509


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