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ZONING: George Jones, Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator can be reach at 856-547-4040. Please leave a message.

Zoning applications are available at the Municipal Building. The application needs to
be completed with a copy of your plot plan/survey along with a $40.00 application fee.

Important Forms:

Zoning authorization is required for:

  • Erect a fence on your property
  • Construct a swimming pool
  • To build an addition to your home
  • To add a deck to your home
  • Build or rebuild your front porch
  • Erect a shed in your rear yard
  • Build a garage
  • Erect signs in a commercial zoning District (includes color drawings)
  • Construct patios
  • Operate a business in your home

If your project is not listed, please contact the Zoning Administrator to determine if
you need to submit a Zoning Application.