229 Trenton Avenue, Barrington, NJ 08007
(856) 547-0706

Public Safety (Emergency)

****For emergencies, always call 911****

Police Department: 227 Trenton Ave., Barrington, (856) 547-3350

Fire Department: 2nd & Haines Ave., Barrington, (856) 546-7555
Fax: (856) 547-3107

Barrington Ambulance Association: 201 2nd Ave, Barrington, (856) 546-6556

Contact: Barbara Willson, Emergency Management Coordinator

Police Chief Uron, Rick Rettinger and Andy Willson, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators

The mission of emergency management is to provide the residents of the Borough of
Barrington with coordinated emergency services in times of disasters or
other emergencies.

Emergency Management in conjunction with emergency service agencies will provide
our residents with the best response, mitigation, and recovery possible, and return
our community to normality in the aftermath of a large-scale emergency or disaster.